Content curation x ASOS

There is a big hype for content curation for few years now. It actually may be fashion industry which started the online curation trend – it just wasn’t known at the time. Content curation is about discovering, gathering and presenting content around a specific subject. It is also about personalising the offer according to the individual’s (in this case the customer) wants, needs and likes. It is not only about information – it’s how brands present it and the interaction it carries. It became a marketing strategy for many fashion brands in order to attract customers.

Many brands manage content curation thanks to their own customers as it’s natural for fashion customers to pick, collect and share their preferences. Retailers are exploring how they can offer a more tailored experience around their existing inventory.

ASOS is among the fashion brands that curate content by its own community.  ASOS launched ASOS Finder, a sub-page that allows customers to discover the most wanted products from ASOS through the use of hashtag #AsSeenOnMe where customers can upload their outfits, saving some of the ASOS Finder content while having a profile, as well as becoming an ASOS insider.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.44.06 am.png

Image 2 ASOS Finder

In addition to the looks, ASOS Finder allows users to filter the looks by using keywords as well as ‘heart’ the products they love and purchase the look.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.47.35 am

Image 3 #AsSeenOnMe

ASOS Finder used to deliver other curated content to its customers – Editorial and Communications Coordinator used to chose outfits of the week created by shoppers.

Moreover, customers could shop the celebrities’ looks.

Image 5 Celebrities

Through content curation ASOS wants to help its customers to find what’s right for them through this easy and personalised experience especially due to the fact that they are a large retailer with many categories and the customers may both enjoy and suffer from all the possible choices they have.

Content curation changes and develops – that’s why ASOS Finder has stopped updating all of its features since it has first launched. Maybe a shopping website that uses recommendations together with stylist shopping assistance is another step?



Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 2.06.13 am


River Island

Omni channel retailing became an important strategy in today’s fashion world. Many retailers use this business model to improve customer experience as everyone (especially millennials) nowadays like to keep in touch with companies constantly through different platforms. One brand that uses omni channel retailing approach is River Island.

River Island, a British high street brand that is also available in other markets around the world, is present on many different platforms where they post and update on a regular basis. It is important for their customers to provide a seamless integrated experience across shopping online through desktop or mobile and bricks and mortar.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 8.57.20 pm

River Island has its own website that sets automatically accordingly to the location of the customer. The website is set out for 7 different markets (British, American, Australian, French, German, Dutch and Swedish) operating in different languages and currencies.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 9.09.40 pm

different website versions for different markets with local currencies

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 10.49.06 pm

French version of RI website

Moreover, RI is present on many online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (now as well for men), Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and Snapchat (@riverislandsnap) – it is therefore easy for the customers to keep up-to-date with the brand regardless the preferred portal.

The online shopping experience is seamless – the brand not only provides a user-friendly website for mobiles but also a dedicated app.


The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.07.41 pmScreen Shot 2017-04-17 at 9.04.35 pm

What differentiates River Island from different brands is the way they advertise their products on social media, they always provide product codes and prices on Instagram and links and prices on Facebook which makes the shopping experience integrated from social media to online shopping on the website.


When it comes to traditional way of shopping – bricks and mortar – River Island tries to make it interesting and keep up-to-date with social trends. The brand provides free delivery click and collect orders to RI stores (home delivery costs between £3.99-£5.99 in the UK). River Island also keeps up with technology; the sales assistants are equipped with tablets on which they can check availability of products and create store orders from the website for customers if the size is not available in store.




Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.35.18 pm.png

Sex and the City

When it comes to fashion branding in the film, one film comes to my mind straight away. Yes, it is Sex and the City, one of my faves. Sex and the City is a paradise for all the brands! We can hear the brands being mentioned both in the tv series and the films.

Sex and the City’s protagonists are very successful women living in the city that never sleeps; New York. Their fashion taste is refined and the brands mentioned reflect this. However, the luxurious brands are not only mentioned by the name, they are purchased and worn by them all the time.

A memorable scene in the show is when Carrie Bradshaw slips and falls in a Dior store!

Shoes play an important and incredible role in Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw has led a shoe revolution in the tv show and the films! She took fashion to the next level and has changed and promoted many high end brands like Manolo Blahnik to become desired by many women! Sex and the City and Manolo Blahnik became one, it was undoubtedly the character’s first choice of shoes and made the film and the brand to be united!

Carrie’s answering machine message was ‘Hi. I’m not here but my shoes are, so leave them a message.’

However, not only fashion brands have been mentioned, have a look yourself at all product placement in the tv show!




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Forum Mody

It has been known for a long time that traditional brick-and-mortar stores are struggling due to the rise of online shopping! However, physical stores are still  important to customers and that is why not all retail stores have moved online; it is all about engaging the customer and making them want to come into the store.

One store that has been attracting its target market quite successfully is Forum Mody, a place that you have definitely not heard of before unless you are from Krakow!


Image 1 Forum Mody

Forum Mody, a store (“an idea and space” as they call themselves) that offers clothing items, jewellery and accessories from independent Polish designers since 2013. Their offering is unique, alternative and distinctive, providing a real value to the customer together with the family-like atmosphere, and that is what tempts the customer go inside the store!

The store has recently changed its location and completely changed the interior style and is now based in Tytano, a former tobacco company and a new lifestyle place for the youth! Before they have been located in a building what once used to be a hotel (named Forum) and where the most hyped Krakow’s venue is (Forum Przestrzenie) together with a design showroom (Forum Designu).

Forum Mody is one of the most unique venues in Krakow (the second largest city in Poland) and the Polish youth is looking for the alternatives to high street offerings. The store does not sell online, it does not even have a proper website which is quite surprising and extraordinary nowadays! Forum Mody knows however that their target market is online 24/7 and that is why they are also present on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (@forumody) in order to provide content, keep customers up-to-date and promote new offerings or events.


Image 4 Fashion show

Forum Mody has always been providing events for its customers in order to engage with them and create a remarkable in-store experience. One of the most successful ones are the fashion shows! It has also been doing events like film nights, night sales, fashion and beauty photography exhibitions, as well as events for kids.

If you ever happen to be in Krakow, please make sure you pop in to Forum Mody! You will not regret it!



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Millennials craze about Triangl

If you were born around mid-90s or 2000s I would be surprised if you haven’t heard of Triangl, the Aussie swimsuit brand that offers colour-blocked neoprene bikinis (yes neoprene, the same that is traditionally used in wetsuits! and the same one that is used by Kenzo or Alexander Wang). A must-have for all the girls around the globe thanks to its unique and distinctive designs that became a signature look!

The brand has been launched in 2012 as a result of the gap in the swimsuit market between high-end designer and less fashionable but affordable swimsuits in Australia. Even the owner had difficulty finding a swimsuit on trend that was under $100! Therefore, the idea of revolutionary Triangl evolved. Even though the brand has started wholesaling at first, it has moved entirely online in 2013 selling exclusively through their website. In the first year, the brand had made over $5m, in 2015 it was around $45m!

The brand’s success is that they maintain their focus on the niche of youth, being relevant in the changing market and making it clear what the brand represents by keeping the offering tight by selling only one type of product in varying styles online all-year-round! Its biggest market is the US, with UK coming second but the brand knows the potential of South American market too.

The experience the customer has is one in the million, the brand provides beautiful packaging with a note inside, 24/7 live online support and all the photos on social media that makes all teenagers and young women want the swimsuit instantly! Even I own one.

There is a hype for healthy and fitness lifestyle especially among youth and Triangl swimsuit makes a perfect medium to show the results of exercise and clean eating regime!


Image 4 Natasha Oakley – the founder of @abikiniaday wearing Triangl

But that’s not all! What also makes Triangl more attractive for Millennials is the way they promote their products as it’s all done online! Triangl has not spent any money on traditional advertising but relying solely on photo sharing which increases traffic, especially through Instagram (3m followers at the moment)! While they give swimwear to famous bloggers and influential celebrities like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Beyonce (wearing Triangl in Run trailer) or Joan Smalls, they not only let them fall in love with it but also use their photos as promotion for the youth who follow them as it increases authenticity and brand awareness! They also have a group of Triangl Girls!

However, such popularity through celebrities and young women target market brought a lot of copycat versions of the swimsuit. Triangl swimsuits are one of the most copied designs on the market! Copied by Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21 and Target (just to name a few) as well as their manufacturer Lungzhi under the brand names ‘Brakinis‘ and ‘Vossue‘! But it’s easy to identify the original one as it’s only available through their website!

And? What are you still doing here? Go get one too!



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Hip hop x fashion

Music and fashion are inevitable. Hip-hop style has been with us since late 70s through 80s, 90s until 2000s and nowadays with rappers being commercial influencers through their music videos and choice of clothing reaching a wide audience, not only the hip hop fans. The evolution of hip hop fashion has been an amazing phenomenon.

In the early times of hip hop emergence, brands like Fila, Adidas, Nike, Puma and Reebok saw a boost by being popularised by b-boys.

Karl Kani, a 90s iconic brand, has successfully combined fashion and hip hop at a high scale by influencing the public while featuring popular rappers like Tupac in its advertisements.

One of the biggest trends thanks to hip hop is the sweatpants. In the 90s sports labels were the only ones selling sweats which were worn to the gym or by rappers whereas today everyone’s selling them from high street like Zara to high-end fashion brands like Balmain!

Today, we can see people as well as it-girls and other personas in the fashion industry wearing them on the streets, giving the sweats a new life by styling them with more elegant and smarter fashion pieces creating sporty chic looks.

The ‘preppy’ look did not exist in the 90s among the rappers. Kanye West said ‘Ralph Lauren was borin’ before I wore him’ in the song ‘Brand New’ ft. with Rhymefest. The preppy look adopted with labels like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren allowed rappers to embrace a more aspirational stand in the hip hop culture.

Nowadays, rappers have a totally different involvement with fashion than in the early days. Who would think back then that they could sit at the front rows at fashion weeks or even running their own fashion label fashion shows like Kanye West?


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Tennis and the 80s

Game. Set. Match.

To many people tennis in the 1980s was the most exciting period of time. Many famous players like Borg, McEnroe, Graf, Becker were competing with each other to gain as many tennis titles as they could and to become no. 1 tennis player.

Tennis rackets that transformed from wood to composite and tennis fashion launched during that time also represent the tennis era of the 80s! The popularity of the sport brought the rise of tennis wear not only on the courts but to the public. Through endorsement and sponsorship on the courts, tennis players represented the brands and advertised them to everyone. Many brands such as Fila, Dunlop, Adidas and Lacoste competed with each other ‘on the courts’ to reach a wider audience.


Image 2 Lacoste tennis wear

The fashion trend of the ‘polo shirt’ (also called the ‘tennis shirt’) that was introduced to the tennis attire by René Lacoste (tennis player that was nicknamed ‘The Crocodile’) back in the 1930s, became the symbol of prime status in the 80s.

The ‘crocodile’ logo was desired across generations and made people want to achieve the ‘preppy look’ of the 80s, sometimes even popping the collar up while wearing their bright and colourful Lacoste or even two shirts at once on top of each other!


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