Content curation x ASOS

There is a big hype for content curation for few years now. It actually may be fashion industry which started the online curation trend – it just wasn’t known at the time. Content curation is about discovering, gathering and presenting content around a specific subject. It is also about personalising the offer according to the individual’s (in this case the customer) wants, needs and likes. It is not only about information – it’s how brands present it and the interaction it carries. It became a marketing strategy for many fashion brands in order to attract customers.

Many brands manage content curation thanks to their own customers as it’s natural for fashion customers to pick, collect and share their preferences. Retailers are exploring how they can offer a more tailored experience around their existing inventory.

ASOS is among the fashion brands that curate content by its own community.  ASOS launched ASOS Finder, a sub-page that allows customers to discover the most wanted products from ASOS through the use of hashtag #AsSeenOnMe where customers can upload their outfits, saving some of the ASOS Finder content while having a profile, as well as becoming an ASOS insider.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.44.06 am.png

Image 2 ASOS Finder

In addition to the looks, ASOS Finder allows users to filter the looks by using keywords as well as ‘heart’ the products they love and purchase the look.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.47.35 am

Image 3 #AsSeenOnMe

ASOS Finder used to deliver other curated content to its customers – Editorial and Communications Coordinator used to chose outfits of the week created by shoppers.

Moreover, customers could shop the celebrities’ looks.

Image 5 Celebrities

Through content curation ASOS wants to help its customers to find what’s right for them through this easy and personalised experience especially due to the fact that they are a large retailer with many categories and the customers may both enjoy and suffer from all the possible choices they have.

Content curation changes and develops – that’s why ASOS Finder has stopped updating all of its features since it has first launched. Maybe a shopping website that uses recommendations together with stylist shopping assistance is another step?



Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 2.06.13 am


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