Forum Mody

It has been known for a long time that traditional brick-and-mortar stores are struggling due to the rise of online shopping! However, physical stores are still  important to customers and that is why not all retail stores have moved online; it is all about engaging the customer and making them want to come into the store.

One store that has been attracting its target market quite successfully is Forum Mody, a place that you have definitely not heard of before unless you are from Krakow!


Image 1 Forum Mody

Forum Mody, a store (“an idea and space” as they call themselves) that offers clothing items, jewellery and accessories from independent Polish designers since 2013. Their offering is unique, alternative and distinctive, providing a real value to the customer together with the family-like atmosphere, and that is what tempts the customer go inside the store!

The store has recently changed its location and completely changed the interior style and is now based in Tytano, a former tobacco company and a new lifestyle place for the youth! Before they have been located in a building what once used to be a hotel (named Forum) and where the most hyped Krakow’s venue is (Forum Przestrzenie) together with a design showroom (Forum Designu).

Forum Mody is one of the most unique venues in Krakow (the second largest city in Poland) and the Polish youth is looking for the alternatives to high street offerings. The store does not sell online, it does not even have a proper website which is quite surprising and extraordinary nowadays! Forum Mody knows however that their target market is online 24/7 and that is why they are also present on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (@forumody) in order to provide content, keep customers up-to-date and promote new offerings or events.


Image 4 Fashion show

Forum Mody has always been providing events for its customers in order to engage with them and create a remarkable in-store experience. One of the most successful ones are the fashion shows! It has also been doing events like film nights, night sales, fashion and beauty photography exhibitions, as well as events for kids.

If you ever happen to be in Krakow, please make sure you pop in to Forum Mody! You will not regret it!



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