Millennials craze about Triangl

If you were born around mid-90s or 2000s I would be surprised if you haven’t heard of Triangl, the Aussie swimsuit brand that offers colour-blocked neoprene bikinis (yes neoprene, the same that is traditionally used in wetsuits! and the same one that is used by Kenzo or Alexander Wang). A must-have for all the girls around the globe thanks to its unique and distinctive designs that became a signature look!

The brand has been launched in 2012 as a result of the gap in the swimsuit market between high-end designer and less fashionable but affordable swimsuits in Australia. Even the owner had difficulty finding a swimsuit on trend that was under $100! Therefore, the idea of revolutionary Triangl evolved. Even though the brand has started wholesaling at first, it has moved entirely online in 2013 selling exclusively through their website. In the first year, the brand had made over $5m, in 2015 it was around $45m!

The brand’s success is that they maintain their focus on the niche of youth, being relevant in the changing market and making it clear what the brand represents by keeping the offering tight by selling only one type of product in varying styles online all-year-round! Its biggest market is the US, with UK coming second but the brand knows the potential of South American market too.

The experience the customer has is one in the million, the brand provides beautiful packaging with a note inside, 24/7 live online support and all the photos on social media that makes all teenagers and young women want the swimsuit instantly! Even I own one.

There is a hype for healthy and fitness lifestyle especially among youth and Triangl swimsuit makes a perfect medium to show the results of exercise and clean eating regime!


Image 4 Natasha Oakley – the founder of @abikiniaday wearing Triangl

But that’s not all! What also makes Triangl more attractive for Millennials is the way they promote their products as it’s all done online! Triangl has not spent any money on traditional advertising but relying solely on photo sharing which increases traffic, especially through Instagram (3m followers at the moment)! While they give swimwear to famous bloggers and influential celebrities like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Beyonce (wearing Triangl in Run trailer) or Joan Smalls, they not only let them fall in love with it but also use their photos as promotion for the youth who follow them as it increases authenticity and brand awareness! They also have a group of Triangl Girls!

However, such popularity through celebrities and young women target market brought a lot of copycat versions of the swimsuit. Triangl swimsuits are one of the most copied designs on the market! Copied by Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21 and Target (just to name a few) as well as their manufacturer Lungzhi under the brand names ‘Brakinis‘ and ‘Vossue‘! But it’s easy to identify the original one as it’s only available through their website!

And? What are you still doing here? Go get one too!



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