United Colours of Benetton x Pop Culture

Pop culture is as big as it has never been today! Also, in the era of Internet and social media, the brands take advantage of people’s “obsessions” of celebrities or cultural phenomena to market products as it reaches a wider audience! Pop culture has become the innovative method of fashion branding and it works well! However, some brands also choose to address the pop cultural issues through branding.

United Colors of Benetton has always been committed in the society and following the trends of pop culture to draw attention to and engage with the potential customer. They have started with groundbreaking advertising in the 80s highlighting the pop cultural problem of racism across the world!

The brand kept on addressing the pop cultural issues after hiring the photographer Oliviero Toscani who created shocking ads letting the brand to show its open-mindedness. Here are some of them:


Image 4 An ad promoting empowerment of women


Image 8 An ad fighting the world hunger with WTP, a problem in the developing countries brought to the attention of popular culture


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